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 Kapitän Kelso im Kampf mit dem Linienschiff Lyon

Kapitän Kelso im Kampf mit dem Linienschiff Lyon
von James Dillon White
Sprache: Deutsch
Broschiert - 251 Seiten - Ullstein Tb
Kapitän Kelso soll mit seiner Fregatte PARAGON im Auftrag der Ostindischen Handelskompanie weitere Stützpunkte in Indien errichten. Unterwegs kommt es zum Gefecht mit dem überlegenen Linienschiff LYON, doch Kelso kann sich mit knapper Not in einen Hafen retten. Die Lyon hat jedoch denselben Weg wie Kelso..

JOJO Modellbau

H.M.S. QUEEN (98) von 1769 bis 1821


Die QUEEN (98) - ? t - läuft in Woolwich vom Stapel.


Die QUEEN wird abgewrackt
2. H.M.S. Queen was built at Woolwich in 1769 by W.Gray. She was a 2nd Rate with a complement of 98 guns (c.1810). A summary of her career is as follows: 1776: Commissioned in November. 1777: Assigned to the Channel fleet. 1778: Present at the Battle of Ushant 27th July. 1779-80: Assigned to the Western Squadron. Coppered in 1780. 1781: Relief of Gibraltar. Sailed 13th March, arrived 12th April. Took part in Kempenfelt's action 12th December. 1782: 23rd April, took part in the capture of the L'Actionaire. Between September and October again took part in relieving Gibralter. 1783: Paid off in April. 1783-85: Commissioned April, becoming a guard ship at Portsmouth 1786: Paid off in March. 1792-94: Commissioned December 1792. Sailed for the Leeward Islands 24th March 1793. Took part in the attack on Martinique. Present at the Battle of the 1st June 1794. 1795: Present at the action at Isle de Croix, 23rd June. 1796-99: Sailed for Jamaica 11th August 1796. Stationed at Jamaica. 1800: Paid off in October. 1804: Commissioned in March. Assigned to the Channel fleet. 1805: Part of escort to Craig's force. 1806: Becomes Collingwood's flagship, 31st October. 1807-08: Assigned to the Mediterranean fleet. 1809: Possible use as a prison ship at Gillingham, Kent. 1811: Commissioned in September. C.1812: Reduced to 80 guns. 1813: Operating in the North Sea. C.1814: Reduced to 74 guns. Possibly operating in the Mediterranean. 1821: Broken up in April. 3. H.M.S. Queen was in action on the 29th May. She made four different attempts to break the enemy's line, but did not succeed. This was partly due to the French rearguard being so compact and from the subsequent damage she sustained. Queen's Master, Mr. Mitchell was killed and Captain Hutt lost his leg. The ship was fought by Admiral Gardner with the help of a number of Lieutenants. For most of the afternoon, Queen repaired her damage, the French fleet at one point trying to cut her off. Some other ships of the Royal Navy came to her assistance and the French ships wore off. By this time Queen had 23 Officers/Men killed and over fifty wounded. On June 1st, Queen engaged the French ships from 9.45 am. onwards. As one Officer recalled, "Received the fire from several of the enemy's rear ships, going down to bring an opponent to close action, which she easily declined by making sail from us, our ship then being very much disabled in her masts, sails and rigging". By 10.15 am. Queen had brought the next enemy ship to close action, and by 11.00 am. this French ship was, "...totally dismasted, and her fire silenced called for quarter. Our boats all being shot through, could not take possession of the enemy." Later in the day, Queen was nearly cut off by other French ships who, "...began a heavy fire on us, which was so faithfully returned, occasioned them to pass on, not wishing to have anymore fire from a disabled British ship." Howe seeing Queen in trouble sent H.M.S. Pegasus to assist, who took her in tow. By 6.30 pm. Queen had run up a jury mainmast and Pegasus was able to cast off. Queen reached home unassisted, though her casualties were greater than any other ship in Howe's fleet, except H.M.S. Brunswick. According to one witness, Queen used 25 tons of gunpowder and 60 tons of shot in firing her 130 broadsides. In less efficient ships her feat was regarded as incredible. 4. Only one French ship was sunk by, the Vengeur-du-peuple, of 74 guns. The French ships captured were the: Le Juste 80 guns, Sans-Pareil 80 guns, L'America 74 guns, L'Achille 74 guns, Le Northumberland 74 guns, and L'Impetueux 74 guns. 5. The casualties for H.M.S.Queen during the actions 29th May to 1st June were; 36 killed and 67 wounded. The ships Captain John Hutt died of wounds, a monument being erected to him in Westminster Abbey. 6. It is probably that Wilkinson means the 28th May not the 28th June. Also the action had started at about 2.00 pm. that afternoon. 7. This most probably refers to the partial recapture of H.M.S. Castor's convoy. 8. This refers to the two French corvettes captured by Howe on the 25th May and subsequently burnt. 9. Now part of Annesley Woodhouse a few miles north of Nottingham, England.

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